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1. Please, only published authors of vampire/shapeshifter romances can apply.

2. Straight out pornographic sites will not be considered. Please, be tasteful. Yes, erotic romance authors are welcome. We are talking sex sites here.

3. The ring code MUST be on your webpage, either on the front page or on your webring/link page. I will give you time to enter the code. After trying to email you a few times, if no ring appears, your membership will be denied.

4. IMPORTANT!!!! When joining, please only hit the Submit Info button ONCE! Ring surf is slow sometimes and even though it way seem the info didn't go through, it did. You'll get an email with the ring code. Trust me on this. Repeatedly hitting Submit will only keep on adding you and fill your in box (and mine) with repeat applications.

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Romances With Byte
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